Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who knows this Bad Lawyer - Sheldon I. Goldstein

I had a very bad lawyer with no knowledge of LAW and caused me a lot of problems and expenses with my divorce case. His name is Sheldon Goldstein from the law office of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC

I had a divorce case and thanks to all of his mistakes and lack of knowledge and his expertise to run up bills, a simple short-term marriage, with no child, no alimony, etc. cost me over $120k in lawyers’ fee. After spending around $50,000 with him, I had to pay another attorney thousands of dollars to bring the case back into manageable situation.

To mention just one of his top advices - he filed for a motion of lack of jurisdiction of a Texas court over a property that was purchase during marriage in California. Texas is community state and California is community state. Where did he get his smart that court will grant that? You should be there to see how dumb he looked when opposing attorney made a fun him at court and judge just smiled. Guess what, this supper idea cost me over $10,000 in fees. After I discussed this with multiple attorneys they all laughed asking me if he got his law training in moon. Telling a community state court no jurisdiction over a property in another community state??

Interesting I was searching the web and found website that says Sheldon Goldstein for Congress 2012 for District 30. Wow watch out Dallas who wants to be your congressman.

I need your help as I owe Dallas where I lived there for 23 years to ensure that they get someone to someone better. Someone who did not study law in moon!